From zero to millions.

We empower content creators globally.

MANY is thé company for creators, artists, as well as the perfect partner for brands and other companies looking to maximize their creative, marketing, commercial and/or growth potential in short video and live streaming, in particular on TikTok.


We represent over 34 influencers in The Netherlands, US, China and UK.


Companies founded by creators and part of our incubator.


Active regions, including Europe, China, Southeast Asia and USA.

For our expertise in working with creators we have been featured in

What we do.

We help creators become the people they want to be.

We represent a wide range of creators in globally. From influencers to real experts.

Brining brands and creators together in our ecosystem.

Offering fully equipped spaces where creators and brands come together to build brands and create content. 

Sharing insights from different experiences and regions.

We share regular our insides in our Academy portal, organize events and deliver interviews to leading new publications.

We help creators grow successful companies.

We offer creators guidance, mentorship and network to help them kickstart their entrepreneurial dream and leverage their brand.

Our stars.

Our activity.